Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday with Bestfriend :)

Hello, haha, been a while since my last post.
I'm having final exam last week, but now it's over and time to have a holiday and.. waiting for my GPA (huhuhu, so scared) just wish me all the best would you?

Yesterday I hangout with my best friend, Dinar, all day hahaha.. She is my best friend since high school by the way. It started when I asked her to accompany me to my friend's wedding celebration, Indra Saktia Octaviana. Haha, congrats Indra!

It was a very nice party though, with a good decoration and food and band, and... his wife's wedding gown is tremendously awesome! It's a red maroon brown gold modern kebaya. Hahaha, I don't have a chance to take the picture but just believe me, it was nice. :)

So this is us after the wedding reception haha..

And after that, we planned to karaoke-ing at NAV BSM. I wanna try the touch screen menu thingy (hahah, never try it before, poor me huh?) but it was hard to get the room because it's saturday night and everyone is out for having some fun too. The rooms are fully booked until 9 pm or so. Yeah whatever, there's still next time..

So, we walked around BSM with no exact destination, until we stopped at Jonas Photo. We saw the photobox booth and was like, hey, let's do it again! hahaha..

Photobox was sooo happening when I was still in junior high and senior high school (which is 4 to 10 years ago - yeah, I'm that old -_-). It's not so popular right now maybe because people prefer to take a photograph with their cellphone and or digital camera, SLR, lomo whatever.. It's more modern now.

It's very funny since my last photobox thingy was like 2 years ago or so.. And we kinda confused because it's a lot different way photobox-ing now. This is the result, haha, forgive if the background and the photo text a little bit "annoying" hahaha.. We also don't know where is it come from and how to arrange it. :p

the oh-so-not-hot background and text photos haha!


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr