Thursday, February 25, 2010

What an art

Julianne Moore for Bvlgari

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Up In The Air

Good movie! Teach about value of life, career, and a little bit about love.
No wonder it just won the adapted-screenplay award (based on Walter Kirn's novel) for writer director Jason Reitman and co-writer Sheldon Turner at the top honors at the Writers Guild of America Awards.

And it also got 6 nominations at 2010 Academy Awards including Actor in a Leading Role (George Clooney), Actress in a Supporting Role (Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick), Directing (Jason Reitman), Best Picture, and Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - almost compete Avatar with it 9 nominations.

Two words: LOVE IT.

Rainbow at the End of the Road


Dari yang udah dateng ke kampus pagi-pagi bawa laptop berat-berat dan ga jadi bimbingan gara-gara bapaknya ga bisa,

kaki lecet karena pake sepatu yang ga ergonomis,

BlackBerry jatoh ke selokan (yang untungnya kering) jadi cuma baret dikit screen guardnya (still have to thank Allah, masih rejeki saya hp itu :D)

Jalan kaki siang bolong panas menyengat sampai kepala pusing muka kucel kulit kebakar bau keringat matahari,

Janjian ketemuan dokter gigi koass buat jadi pasiennya nunggu 1 jam yang alhasil ujung-ujungnya ga ketemu!!!,

BlackBerry tiba-tiba super lemoooootttt dan ngadat buka aplikasi (untung CUMA 1.5 jam aja terus balik lagi ke normal),

...................Pulang-pulang kerumah mandi air anget, makan malem, dan langsung ada di posisi nyamaaaaannn banget…. 0=) and the best part is: Got FREE Java Jazz Festival Tickets, yeah tickets, not just ONE, but TWO! Yaaayyyyy! Makasih banget buat sahabat baikku Didi ama Citra :) I LOVE YOU LIKE A LOOTT!!!

No matter how hard your journey was, you will always find a rainbow at the end of the road

rainbow by *tobiasth

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Vote, if YOU Care..

I'm calling you guys who care enough about our future.

Save our tigers!! - it's only 1411 left in this world. Just click HERE.

I have VOTE. Means I'm not just talking :) See my name right there?

and, this one, especially if you're Indonesian, vote Komodo Island as one of New Seven Nature Wonders of the World, by simply click HERE.

Komodo Island

And I have vote for this one too. Now it's your turn! X)

Your vote means A LOT. Really appreciate it :)


Awkay, this is the report from the Placebo's Jakarta Concert! Held on Tuesday, February 16th 2010 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. Watched it with Denya, Lulu, and Faris. :)

Nice performance, stage act, lightning, and stage decoration. Overall it's a very good concert, only, they don't play songs from first album, which I kinda expected. And also those popular hits such as Pure Morning, Without You I'm Nothing, and English Summer Rain. They mostly focused on their newest album, Battle of the Sun.

At the gate: Faris, Denya, Me, and Lulu

Opening Act by DJ ERGV

Brian Molko - Vocalist

Stefan Olsdal - Guitarist

Steve Forrest - Drummer

It's a wrap!!!!

Anyway the play list are:
1. For What It's Worth
2. Ashtray Heart
3. Battle for the Sun
4. Soul mates
5. Speak in Tongues
6. Follow the Cops Back Home
7. Every You Every Me
8. Special Needs
9. Breathe Underwater
10. Julien
11. The Never-Ending Why
12. Blind
13. Devil in the Details
14. Meds
15. Song to Say Goodbye
16. Special K
17. Bitter End
18. Bright Lights
19. Trigger Happy
20. Infra-red
21. Taste in Men

Even though you're not playing that Commercial For Levi - my Placebo favorite song, me still heart you :x

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dropped by and say, "Hi!"

How are you blog? Been too lazy and that had boring standard activities so far…

Just got back from my – 2.5 hour – journey from campus to home. Which usually only take 45 minutes *sigh* so fucking tired all the way…. :(
Due to the super duper heavy massive rain and flood almost all over Bandung – which automatically makes a tremendous traffic jam everywhere.

Aaahhh.. it’s Friday anyway, get ready for the weekend! Yaayy.. My plan before was going to Jakarta and hangout with some old friends and maybe gone shopping to Mangga Dua or elsewhere. But then because my old friends can’t make it sooooo changing plan: I will just stay home and watch DVDs hahaha…

Anyway, just cut my hair last Wednesday. And.. it feels good, I feel more fresh. But something funny that when you change your hair look, sometimes your face is also "change" hahaha.. See mine..

before the haircut

after the haircut, plus salon's blow effect

after the salon's blow effect gone

PS: Can’t wait for this Tuesday (4 more days), I’m gonna watch Placebo live in concert at Tennis Indoor Senayan! Woohoo! It’s a super-YAAYYYY!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too Cute for Lunch

If what's inside my lunch box are these kinda looking good food, I'm not sure I have guts to eat it or not. It's too cute to be destroyed (read: eat) :)

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr