Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hilarious. silly. a bit embarrassing. LOL!

Received an invitation this afternoon.

And feel hilarious, silly, funny, and ashamed when I read it. Watch this picture carefully, see anything strange from this picture? LOL!

take a look closely at the red circle

zoom in

okay, MT is a title for Master Degree in Engineering, which stands for Magister Teknik.
And below that word you can see my current "job" as Mahasiswa Magister Teknik which mean I'm still a master degree student!!!

HAHAHAHAHA.. Feel funny and ashamed in the same time. Funny because I'm currently working on my thesis this two last week so sudden title on my last name is like W-O-W! Hahaha.. and a bit ashamed too because, can stop thinking how such a great institute like the one I'm currently studying in now can make such a silly mistake. Boo!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nguping Bandung

Dapet informasinya dari Citra, visit and share silly stories into this blog guys! Semacam Nguping Jakarta hanya saja versi Bandungnya. ;p

Read this and feel entertained :)

Not so in a good mood lately. I don't know why.
Maybe because I had NOTHING to do, and life so far just plain boring.

But today when I was visited my friend's tumblr account here, I found a cool website for you to visit when you bored, had nothing to do, or stuck on finding some ideas.
Here are some of it pictures that boosting up my mood again. Oh I love this site. Entertaining.

This guy is strong. No doubt about it.

Ironic, huh?

The only cereal that makes you white :D

Just broke up? or had a terrible flu?

Love pinch, baby..

Too much in love with Burberry.

I wish I was taller.

What do you guys think? hahahaha.. find out more awesome amazing pictures on the website, right over here.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quote Unquote

"Do you know what's hard about being too strong? Nobody might care to ask if you're hurt"

cont'd ...SUPER THRIFT

It's gonna be a SUPER SUPER THRIFT then. Cause I'm adding this to my - must watch - list too.
Arrrgghhh why does it have to be three in a row in a same month a year? How could you do this to me? :'(

Friday, January 15, 2010


Sorry for posting again today, but really can't help it.
I will definitely be SUPER THRIFT for the next two months because of THESE! Dammit!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Review

Quick review for this last 3 days.
1.Found a lecturer who will supervise me doing my thesis. And my lecturer will be:
To be truth, I don’t know him quite well too, since I’ve been studying here for just 6 month and so far I only know 5 lecturers hahaha. But my first impression about him is that he’s a kind person and a helper. I hope it’s not a wrong first impression. Fact that he will find us (me and Inez) topic for our thesis, I guess he is kind. Just wish me luck! >.<

2.Got a very belated yet unique unpredictable birthday present from my best friend since high school.

Voila! These are shower caps if you’re asking, hehe. I was kinda surprised too when she gave me these. And besides saying “Thank You” I also ask, “What’s up with the shower cap?”

She answered, “Don’t you remember, few weeks before your birthday you wrote on twitter that you would really want shower cap as your birthday present since you had a quite long hair now”

At the same moment she answered, she looked into my hair and said, “Oh my God, yes it is a long hair indeed. This shower cap is gonna be very useful”.

Haha, thank you anyway for remembers such details about what I wish for my birthday. That is sooo make me flattered. Love you Andini Nurfitriani, xoxoxo.

3.Watching WHIP IT with Andien

It’s a not so bad movie. It does entertain you. This is Drew Barrymore's first debut as a director anyway. And she did it pretty well.
What I like about this movie is:
-It had a lot of famous actresses and actors
-The soundtracks. It has lots of goooooddddd music for sure!
• 1. Pot Kettle Black - Tilly and the Wall
• 2. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones
• 3. What's the Attitude - Cut Chemist/Hymnal
• 4. Bang On - The Breeders
• 5. Dead Sound - The Raveonettes
• 6. Blue Turning Grey - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
• 7. Your Arms Around Me - Jens Lekman
• 8. Learnalilgivinanlovin - Gotye
• 9. Boys Wanna Be Her - Peaches
• 10. Jolene - Dolly Parton
• 11. Caught Up in You - .38 Special
• 12. Never My Love - Har Mar Superstar - (featuring Adam Green)
• 13. Black Gloves - Goose
• 14. Crown of Age - The Ettes
• 15. High Times - Landon Pigg - (featuring Turbo Fruits)
• 16. Unattainable - Little Joy
• 17. Lollipop [Squeak E. Clean & Desert Eagles Remix] - The Chordettes (remix)
• 18. Doing It Right - The Go! Team
• 19. Breeze - Apollo Sunshine

-and the most important, this HANDSOME LANDON PIGG! Awawaw!

I heart you, Landon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday with Bestfriend :)

Hello, haha, been a while since my last post.
I'm having final exam last week, but now it's over and time to have a holiday and.. waiting for my GPA (huhuhu, so scared) just wish me all the best would you?

Yesterday I hangout with my best friend, Dinar, all day hahaha.. She is my best friend since high school by the way. It started when I asked her to accompany me to my friend's wedding celebration, Indra Saktia Octaviana. Haha, congrats Indra!

It was a very nice party though, with a good decoration and food and band, and... his wife's wedding gown is tremendously awesome! It's a red maroon brown gold modern kebaya. Hahaha, I don't have a chance to take the picture but just believe me, it was nice. :)

So this is us after the wedding reception haha..

And after that, we planned to karaoke-ing at NAV BSM. I wanna try the touch screen menu thingy (hahah, never try it before, poor me huh?) but it was hard to get the room because it's saturday night and everyone is out for having some fun too. The rooms are fully booked until 9 pm or so. Yeah whatever, there's still next time..

So, we walked around BSM with no exact destination, until we stopped at Jonas Photo. We saw the photobox booth and was like, hey, let's do it again! hahaha..

Photobox was sooo happening when I was still in junior high and senior high school (which is 4 to 10 years ago - yeah, I'm that old -_-). It's not so popular right now maybe because people prefer to take a photograph with their cellphone and or digital camera, SLR, lomo whatever.. It's more modern now.

It's very funny since my last photobox thingy was like 2 years ago or so.. And we kinda confused because it's a lot different way photobox-ing now. This is the result, haha, forgive if the background and the photo text a little bit "annoying" hahaha.. We also don't know where is it come from and how to arrange it. :p

the oh-so-not-hot background and text photos haha!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

From the Bookstore

I love books. I love reading. I read (almost) all kinds of books.

I have lots of favorite authors. But these two, are my two top authors right now.
First, Mitch Albom, and second, Jodi Picoult.

Mitch Albom had released four novels so far.
Tuesdays with Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day, and Have a Little Faith.
I’ve read Tuesdays with Morrie, I borrowed from my friend at the college. And I owned the next two books. The last one is his newest novel, just released on November 2009 (which is like so brand new, 2 months ago). I feel so excited knowing about it and can’t wait to have it and read it!

Today, me and my mom went to the bookstore. The most famous bookstore in Indonesia – you know what. While my mom busy with herself at the cooking and food section, I wandered around imported books section, when I found this:

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Here you go the book I was desperately wanting last night! So I took it and look at the price: Rp 255.500.
Boo! Darn expensive! I know it’s normal. Since it’s an imported book. Hwahhh, and if you notice, imported books are always the most untouchable section. Hahaha, why? Because it books are in foreign language and it’s expensive!
Too bad, huh? Those imported books are good quality books actually. But maybe not many people go to that section, because of that two reasons. It’s freaking English, and it’s expensive. Huhuhuhu.. So, the price broke my heart. I shall wait until it translated to bahasa version I guess, so it’ll be cheaper price *chuckled*


Few hours later, mom finished picking few cooking books and me pick nothing. We go downstairs and found out there’s a big end of year (even though it’s new year already) sale up to 80%! Mom, forgot she just bought 6 books before, went crazy seeing those discounts. Me too :). So we split, find our different favorite section, and I was hoping for miracles. (I mean like find something good to buy). And God hear my pray. I saw it at a glance, and I know what I want.

Yaaayyyy.. Novel from my number two favorite author: Jodi Picoult! This is not her latest novel anyway, but that’s okay. I’ve read My Sister’s Keeper (maybe you know this one, or even watched the movie already) and Tenth Circle. And Vanishing Acts was released in between those two novels. Well, it is translated to Bahasa already, and discounted! Means the price is cheaper and affordable. Curious what’s the price: Rp 44.000 hehehehe.. So, I finally got something from the bookstore today. So happy! Hahaha, can’t wait to read it, but next week is my final exam week, so I’ll be touching you my newest novel, about two more weeks from now I guess. That’s okay! I’m still happy!

Call me a nerd? Well, I am. :)
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr