Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love-o Mucho!

100% Indonesia! And can't stop playing it from the first time I hear it!

"Arie is about someone from the past, that had broke my heart... And... finding the new love... And... it appears to be love of my life..."
Bonita and The Hus BAND - Arie

Romance Is Dead

My oh my.. Currently in love with this song *heart heart*

"A rose is blue and violets red/ say it isn't true don't tell me romance is dead/ So wake up you sleepy head/ think of all the magic we could make/ all your dreams is just a kiss away..."
-Paloma Faith - Romance is Dead -

Full song lyric click here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Yes, Earth Hour at March 27th from 8.30-9.30 pm (local time)

So happy I can be part of this campaign, I hope you guys did it too.

Anyway, I hope this is not just the first and the last, but after this, people are more concern about how to keep better environment for the better world in the future!

Kissandhug. XOXO.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, Mamelia...

Accompanying and entertaining [one of] my best friends from Surabaya who's happen to be dropped by for the weekend.

Saturday afternoon at Lisung

me - Amel - Nina - Erry

Playing "family portrait" LOL

The scenery from the restaurant and/or cafe, whatever Lisung described as..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prayer for My Besties

I asked GOD:
Let all my friends be healthy and happy forever...!
GOD said: But for 4 days only....!
I said:Yes, let them be
"aSpring Day, Summer Day, AutumnDay, and Winter Day".

GOD said: 3 days.
I said: Yes,
"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".

GOD said: No, 2 days!
I said: Yes,
"a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time)" .

GOD said: No, just 1 day!
I said:Yes!

GOD asked: Which day?
I said: "Every Day"
in the living years of all my friends!

GOD laughed, and said:
All your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day!

Miss you besties. LOVE

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Made in Indonesia!

Membaca berita duka ini di salah satu situs portal ternama.
Turut berduka cita, tapi inti yang pengen saya sampaikan adalah: hebat sekali produk yang satu ini! Berani menggebrak dengan ciri khas yang begitu Indonesia (minuman teh) sementara minuman kemasan lainnya bersaing dengan soda-sodanya. Salut!

Sutjipto,Bos Sosro yang Buat Coca-Cola Gentar
By Hadi Suprapto, Elly Setyo Rini - Jumat, 12 Maret

[Teh Botol Sosro] Teh Botol Sosro

VIVAnews - Generasi kedua kerajaan bisnis Teh Botol Sosro, Sutjipto Sosrodjojo, ternyata dikenal sebagai tokoh inovasi di industri makanan dan minuman. Setidaknya demikian menurut teman-teman pengusaha Sutjipto.

"Kami ikut berduka cita karena dia tokoh inovasi," kata Ketua Umum Gabungan Pengusaha Makanan Minuman Indonesia (GAPMMI) Thomas Darmawan di sela-sela Rapat Umum Anggota GAPMMI di Jakarta, 11 Maret 2010.

Thomas menjelaskan, pada 1970-1980, tidak banyak yang mengenal teh merek ini. "Tapi akhirnya produk ini menjadi terobosan dan menjadi produk nasional yang diakui di Kadin, yang setidaknya membuat gentar Coca-Cola," kata Thomas.

Jadi, dia menambahkan, Sosro telah membuat inovasi yang hebat, walaupun asal usulnya dari orang Slawi, Tegal, Jawa Tengah.

Regenerasi di Sosro Company, menurut dia, patut dicontoh. Generasi ketiga Sosro yang saat ini menjalankan roda bisnis Sosro telah membuat beberapa perubahan.

"Saat ini, Sosro ternyata jadi leader. You lihat perusahaan multinasional yang dulu tidak kenal teh, akhirnya Coca-Cola buat yang namanya Fresh Tea, Unilever juga buat Lipton Tea, Nestle bikin teh Nest Tea," kata Thomas.

Sutjipto meninggal dunia Rabu lalu pukul 01.15 di Rumah Sakit Mitra Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Rencananya dia dimakamkan di pemakaman elit San Diego Hills, Karawang, Jumat pagi ini.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Week Activities

Not able to reach the laptop in a past few days (probably a week). Just gonna share you some stories of what had happened.

One day, me Luki Dhanie and Dedy spending time waiting for class at 3 pm. We decided to go to Gasibu Square. At the moment there was this music-bazaar event in order to commemorate 200th year of Bandung City. But when we got there at 10 am, it was still the opening ceremony so we decided to skipped it and had a breakfast at Yoghurt Cisangkuy.

Some road was closed to avoid the traffic jam, so we use this opportunity to take a picture in the middle of the street. Inspired by The Beatles hahaha...

Then after breakfast we decided to go to Geology Museum, because it's not too far from Yoghurt Cisangkuy, and surprisingly, the museum is free of charge. :)

The next day, me and Rahma, my friend from Surabaya, went to my very favorite thrift market: Pasar Gedebage.

It's one special satisfaction when you finished shopping there, because you get cool stuffs with absolutely affordable price. Yeayyyy! Here's what I've got:

These stuffs for IDR 75,000 only! Yaaayyyy!
Nice baby blue warm coat IDR 40,000 (I look like a pregnant girl here, weird, haha)
Dark acid wash jeans skirt IDR 10,000
Orange belt IDR 12,500
Dark brown belt IDR 12,500

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Trip

Off to Jakarta this weekend to watch Java Jazz Festival 2010. Got free tickets from lovely besties yaayyy! Also meet up with some old good friend and ended our journey by visiting Monas and extremely exhausted on the train to Bandung. Hahah! Can't wait for another trip for sure!

Korean food at Mr. Park Food Louvre Grand Indonesia
Dinar, Rahma, Deva, and me at Dimsum Blok S
Java Jazz Festival 2010 at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta

Diane Warren: The Greatest Hits
Eric Bennet for Diane Warren

Waiting for the train schedule at Monas

It's not a really good quality pictures anyway, and we all look tired there hahaha.. but it was surely a good quality time with bestfriends! *loovvee*

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earth Hour

Another action to make a better world by simply clicking your mouse HERE.
Here's what you can do:

In 2009 hundreds of millions of people around the world showed their support by turning off their lights for one hour.
Earth Hour 2010 will continue to be a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community. A call to stand up, to show leadership and be responsible for our future.
Pledge your support and turn off your lights for one hour, Earth Hour, 8.30pm, Saturday 27th March 2010.

It’s Showtime! Show what can be done.

Earth Hour - Logo

or else, you can also do these:
  1. Adding Earth Hour widgets, logos, and banners to your blog or website to help us spread the word.
  2. Talking about Earth Hour in your social network by updating your Facebook status, grabbing a Twibbon, tweeting your support, and more.
  3. Get together with your friends and family, by hosting an Earth Hour party or holding your own candlelit affair.
  4. Rally your local council or community group to run an Earth Hour event for your community.
  5. Encourage your employer and workmates to take part in Earth Hour and make energy savings every day.
  6. Make an Earth Hour Lantern as a symbol of hope for the future.
  7. Be creative! Find a new way to mark Earth Hour and let us know all about it!
This is my own Earth Hour Virtual Lantern anyway :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Could Be The One

This is a very very very old song, like, probably 10 to 15 years ago..
I used to hear this song back then on the radio when I was still in elementary school, and just an hour ago found who is the singer and successfully downloading the song! Silly, huh?

Actually I tried to find the video at Youtube but couldn't find any, which makes me kinda surprised (I thought Youtube got everything LOL)

Here is the song lyric, and the singer is Donna Lewis.

I Could Be The One

I could be your sea of sand
I could be your warmth of desire
I could be your prayer of hope
I could be your gift of everyday

I could be your tide of heaven
I could be a hint of what's to come
I could be ordinary
I could be the one

I could be your blue eyed angel
I could be the storm before the calm
I could be your secret pleasure
I could be your well wishing well
I could be your breath of life
I could be your European dream
I could be ordinary
I could be the one

I would lie here in the darkness
I would lie here for all time
I would lie here watching over you
Comfort you
Sing to you

I could be your worry partner
I could be your socialite
I could be your green eyed monster
I could be your force of light
I could be your temple garden
I could be your tender hearted child
I could be ordinary
I could be the one

I would lie here in the darkness
I would lie here for all time
I would lie here watching you
Comfort you
Sing to you

Will I ever change the journey
Will the hushed tones disappear
Oh little Rita
Let me hold you
Oh little Rita
Let me love you

I could be your leafy island
I could be your thunder in the clouds
I could be your dark enclosure
I could be your romantic soul
I could be your small begining
I could be your soothing universe
I could be your ordinary
I could be the one

I could be your ordinary
I could be the one

I could be your ordinary
I could be the one
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr