Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't Die Chuck Bass!

This is all begin when Mamel is tweeting me about Chuck Bass will die at the end of Gossip Girls Season 3 (Yeah, I'm in love with that series - and Chuck Bass definitely).

Gossip Girls

Felt that I can't accepted the news, I push myself to wake up, turning on the laptop and internet, and start to browse for the truth. OMG, I just love Chuck Bass, he's one of the reasons why I watch Gossip Girls (call me shallow, whatever :D). So if he leaves the series, I was thinking probably should stop watching it and move to another series where he played hahaha.

Chuck Bass!!! (played by Ed Westwick)

So, this is what I've found. You can click here to see the news. The point is, Chuck Bass did get shot, but no, he's not dead. Which means, he'll still play in Gossip Girls Season 4! Yayayayay! Superyay! Okay then, I'm no longer curious, let's get back to bed hahah!

PS: I just watched Gossip Girls season 3 until episode 18, so I probably should catch up up to last episode of season 3. Well, we'll take care of it later. Again, after 21st of May. Cheers.


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr