Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goodbye, for a while.

Well, I'm currently working on my thesis. And it's almost deadline.
So, I'm gonna leave my blog for a while, to concentrate on my thesis. Hopefully, (no, it's more like a MUST) my next blog post (I don't know when) is gonna be about me becoming a master on petroleum engineering. :D

PS: this is me 4 years ago, on my second year bachelor study time, hahahahah.. so naive huh? :p
(and no eyebrows at all!)

That's it. Goodbye for a while, blog. Wish and pray all the best for me. Kisses.


kiki said...

all the best

nhoe said...

goodluck desti.. ;D

Nduk Pingkan said...

good luck, teteh! kiss, kiss, kiss!

Desti P. Rizki said...

ah, baru kebaca. Tapi saya udah online dan udah posting lagi sebelom lulus. Ga tahan ga ngeblog hahahahaha.. (plus suntuk juga ngetik-ngetik yang berbau pelajaran terus, zzzz).

Happy New Year, anyway, guys!

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