Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where Have I Been

These are few pictures from places I've been visited (when I disappeared from this blog) :p Starting June 21st - July 21st 2010. Enjoy! :)

Arrived at Stasiun Semarang Tawang before continuing to Cepu by (another) train
While waiting train to Cepu we decided to looked around Semarang City, including visited the phenomenal Lawang Sewu
Finally arrived at Cepu (our final destination) --> sounds like scary movie title hahah
Opening ceremony of our one full month training
Pusdiklat Migas Cepu, where we studied
Cepu is a small region, so our daily transportation is by (renting) a bike. Kinda cool ;)
At the drilling simulator
Field Trip to Pertamina at Kawengan, half hour driving from Cepu
Fire fighting practice. This one is how to saving the victim by using the very heavy SCBA
Fire fighting practice, with real fire
And when I say fire, it means FIRE. A big one!
Us posing with our fire fighting trainers. They're damn good for sure!
Closing ceremony and certificate giveaway. Ah yes, finally going back home :)

But in a mean time, when you say study hard, I say play harder! So this is other activities I did while I'm at Cepu. Week one: visited my bitches at Surabaya.

Week two: Gone to WBL with classmates. Banana boat is a must!

Week three: time to conquered Bromo Mountain! Again with classmates :)

Last day at Cepu, there's a farewell party for us held by Pusdiklat Migas
But we also made another party by ourselves. Celebrating Dhanie and Diyah's birthday
And last, played fireworks in front of homeyard. It was definitely good times I had :) :) (despite the homesick and lack of entertainments :p)


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr