Saturday, April 10, 2010

Senior's Graduation Day

For sure this is a very static boring week to begin a new month. Doing so many projects and homework and assignments that made my whole life (so far) stuck at the campus, home, and absolutely front of my computer all the time…

Nothing interesting enough for me to tell you, even nothing interesting enough happened to my life lately.. *sigh

But anyway, someone tells me a good blogger has always tries to write something so they can improve their self every step every time.

Well okay, a simple story, tomorrow (10th April 2010) our seniors at campus (ITB IFP 2008) is going to graduate, becoming an MT. So, we, as their juniors, decided to make something unforgettable as a present in their happy day.

Something cheap (hehe) but unforgettable – and we decided to make a video with their photos slide show and our greetings. It’s me, Dhanie, Lusi, and Ines who working and editing the video. With a little help by Mas Uteng and Bang Yudhis (thank you for accompanying us hehehe). The video result is GREAT – yeah, I’m not lying. This is for real. We are so proud of what we’re making hahaha.

These are our greetings by the way :) I wanted to upload the final video but Dhanie is still doing the final touch with it.

Graduation by metincakmak


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr