Saturday, February 20, 2010


Awkay, this is the report from the Placebo's Jakarta Concert! Held on Tuesday, February 16th 2010 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. Watched it with Denya, Lulu, and Faris. :)

Nice performance, stage act, lightning, and stage decoration. Overall it's a very good concert, only, they don't play songs from first album, which I kinda expected. And also those popular hits such as Pure Morning, Without You I'm Nothing, and English Summer Rain. They mostly focused on their newest album, Battle of the Sun.

At the gate: Faris, Denya, Me, and Lulu

Opening Act by DJ ERGV

Brian Molko - Vocalist

Stefan Olsdal - Guitarist

Steve Forrest - Drummer

It's a wrap!!!!

Anyway the play list are:
1. For What It's Worth
2. Ashtray Heart
3. Battle for the Sun
4. Soul mates
5. Speak in Tongues
6. Follow the Cops Back Home
7. Every You Every Me
8. Special Needs
9. Breathe Underwater
10. Julien
11. The Never-Ending Why
12. Blind
13. Devil in the Details
14. Meds
15. Song to Say Goodbye
16. Special K
17. Bitter End
18. Bright Lights
19. Trigger Happy
20. Infra-red
21. Taste in Men

Even though you're not playing that Commercial For Levi - my Placebo favorite song, me still heart you :x


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr