Friday, February 12, 2010

Dropped by and say, "Hi!"

How are you blog? Been too lazy and that had boring standard activities so far…

Just got back from my – 2.5 hour – journey from campus to home. Which usually only take 45 minutes *sigh* so fucking tired all the way…. :(
Due to the super duper heavy massive rain and flood almost all over Bandung – which automatically makes a tremendous traffic jam everywhere.

Aaahhh.. it’s Friday anyway, get ready for the weekend! Yaayy.. My plan before was going to Jakarta and hangout with some old friends and maybe gone shopping to Mangga Dua or elsewhere. But then because my old friends can’t make it sooooo changing plan: I will just stay home and watch DVDs hahaha…

Anyway, just cut my hair last Wednesday. And.. it feels good, I feel more fresh. But something funny that when you change your hair look, sometimes your face is also "change" hahaha.. See mine..

before the haircut

after the haircut, plus salon's blow effect

after the salon's blow effect gone

PS: Can’t wait for this Tuesday (4 more days), I’m gonna watch Placebo live in concert at Tennis Indoor Senayan! Woohoo! It’s a super-YAAYYYY!!!!


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr