Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hilarious. silly. a bit embarrassing. LOL!

Received an invitation this afternoon.

And feel hilarious, silly, funny, and ashamed when I read it. Watch this picture carefully, see anything strange from this picture? LOL!

take a look closely at the red circle

zoom in

okay, MT is a title for Master Degree in Engineering, which stands for Magister Teknik.
And below that word you can see my current "job" as Mahasiswa Magister Teknik which mean I'm still a master degree student!!!

HAHAHAHAHA.. Feel funny and ashamed in the same time. Funny because I'm currently working on my thesis this two last week so sudden title on my last name is like W-O-W! Hahaha.. and a bit ashamed too because, can stop thinking how such a great institute like the one I'm currently studying in now can make such a silly mistake. Boo!


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr